October 3rd, 2002

mesh funk

doop de doo

work is actually going pretty quickly today, despite the fact that nothing remotely interesting is happening. perhaps, it's going quickly due to the abundance of baseball articles there are to read today.. what with the playoffs (go braves!) and the brewers (YAY FOR GETTING RID OF JERRY ROYSTER)


it's crummy outside, and has been for at least a decade. well, it seems that way, but it's not even been a full week. BUT IT IS CRUMMY NONETHELESS.

had a few beers last night, ordered pizza with some chums, and watched office space b/c the durn females kept being chatterboxes so any chance of a thought-provoking film were null and void.

But that's good, because I absconded with like 6 pieces of 'za and some half-dozen breadsticks

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    1 1/4 hours until today's first playoff game on the radio
mesh funk


cs people can sympathize:

boo for hitting 28 instead of 18 during sptrade


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    D-backs 0, Cards 0