September 20th, 2002

mesh funk

chumps, champs, and chimps

right, so, monsoons are horrid. we're having one right now in - of all places - whitewater, wisconsin


my only fear is that the current situation will hamper plans for a HAWKABOWLA evening with Ed, Braden, and Peter (among others, likely) (a very randy bunch of hooligans, nitwits, and all points in between)

A HAWKABOWLA evening is defined thusly:
A) Bowling
B) Beer
C) Vests

The bowling and beer parts are rather obvious, but a refresher on the vests:

These "bender vests" are ex-jean jackets, covered with decals of a most rowdy nature, and symbolize the drinking exploits of those wearing them. Peter, for instance, has the tail of some sort of animal attached.

Additionally, it is likely that the White Tornado will be seen this evening, as well as any number of varied "strike dances"

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mesh funk

mama, take this badge from me

well, as monsoons go, this one seems to be over with in outstanding fashion, timely, etc

just bumming around home, now, watching newsradio reruns and listening to music, alternatively

damn, did that show kick ass

poor phil hartman
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