MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

things. stuff. some of both.

As it turns out, I have today off. Of course, I completely spaced on it until about 4 PM yesterday and didn't have time to wrap certain things up, so am here today. I have off tomorrow, and will NOT space out on that..

..because I am headed to the Brewer game tomorrow! Sheeter is pitching! This'll be my first time seeing him pitch since he turned the corner last year.

I suppose that makes today my friday. That means I should make a fridaypoll. Hrm.

My flist is not living up to expectations of late. PEOPLE, COME ON. Just because my posts have become boring (blame the Tour) does not give you the right to NOT POST AT ALL. I expect you to really shape it up next week, when my boss is out after having hand surgery.

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