MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Notes from the wedding of the Italian Stallion

1. If you're going to have a Mariachi band at a wedding (and by all means, you should) they should really play Ring of Fire. Because that would be cool.

2. _guy_incognito is really good at tuxedos.

3. Vinnie and Compton both need to have LJs, for criminy's sake.

4. Total Eclipse of the Heart is a totally acceptable song for males in their late 20s to sing at high volume, even if their girlfriends are present.

5. Was that a typhoon on Saturday night/Sunday morning? I have never seen so much lightning in my life.

6. Tony Calvino has really lost a lot of hair.

7. A chicken dance/hokey pokey medley is a sure sign that the terrorists have won.

8. Vinnie is REALLY GOOD at The Robot. It is probably his most marketable skill.

9. Children should not be allowed to play with marbles during a wedding service. Nor should they be taught to mimic air raid sirens at any time.

10. kazac is bad at shoes.


11. sarkathstic is a meany.

12. Never make use of the free gift wrap service at Linens & Things.

13. Street parties are crap.

14. Wauwautosa's streets (which dewgirl wrote about, somewhere) are also crap.

15. Anything wrapped in bacon is automatically tasty.
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