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Day game after a night game means that you're usually going to see the backup catcher. That said, Milwaukee catcher Damian Miller has been out of the lineup with a nagging shoulder injury of late and is well-rested. Furthermore, tomorrow is an off-day. Why oh why is Chad Moeller starting?

With a win today today, the Crew is back at .500, which many pundits will tell you is as good as this team can aspire to be this season. To play devil's advocate, here, this team has also had a high percentage of home games and has had a fairly mediocre opposition schedule. On the flip side, though, consider that this team has been playing at this level without any significant contribution from Ben Sheets (and no participation whatsoever from him for several weeks). That alone is enough to think that this season might be the first time since the early '90s that we see the Crew post a .500 or better record.

However, CHAD F. MOELLER? Criminy.

Also, whodda thunk that Jamey Wright as a Rockie would EVER face Jeff Cirillo as a Brewer when the two were traded for each other several years back? I sure didn't. Weird.
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