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So, here's my take on the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise. It's spoiler-free, though I make no guarantees on the comments.

I'll also tell you that this review is completely positive, so if you don't like that sort of thing, bugger off immediately.

This movie was well done, given that it had to follow The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. It answered a few questions, tied up a few loose ends, and was much more like the first trilogy (which is a good thing, if you hadn't figured that out yet).

However, this is what seals the deal for me on this particular installment of the prequel trilogy:

Upon exiting the theatre, my immediate urge was NOT to discredit it or call the screenwriter/director/producer on any errors. My immediate reaction, instead, was an intense urge to watch the originals again, to read the Heir to the Empire trilogy again, to retrieve my Han Solo action figures, to play my SW video games, etc etc etc.

This, of course, is completely the opposite reaction that I had to TPM and AotC, which was to drink heavily, cry, and pretend that the last two hours hadn't just happened.
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