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BADGERS...BADGERS...we don' need no steeeeenkin' BADGERS

Boy, did the old cardinal and white blow it against Michigan. Sadly, I only got to watch the last 2:00, due to academic pursuits. By all accounts of the Badger faithful, these were the ONLY two minutes that did not warrant watching.

Woe is me.

Woe is Socrates, too, I guess.

It's a shame we (well, anyone, for that matter) doesn't use hemlock as a death penalty anymore. It'd be damn cool to go out like Socrates.


soe-kraits (Bill & Ted pronunciation) is not acceptable in World of the Ideas class. While I own the classic film, it was some beefed-up 'roid junkie that made such a mistake in class, today. Poor sap.
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