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The move! The glorious move!

I just noticed that control_group posted his synopsis of our recent move. I won't link to it, because it is a certainty that said entry will put this one, currently being constructed, to shame.

You, dear and faithful reader, will be happy to know that this entry (unlike control_group's) will not contain ANY PUNS WHATSOEVER.

My move went fairly smoothly until I put my socks on, Monday morning. More on that later.

Unlike most people anticipating a move, I prepared by not putting anything into boxes at all. Instead, I prepared by taking naps and playing video games. All things considered, it's much more enjoyable this way. Slightly less effective, true, but much more enjoyable.

The actual moving of stuff went down like this:

1 trip in the car on Thursday. 2 trips on the car on Friday. 4 trips in the car and 1 trip in the van on Saturday. 3 trips in the car on Sunday. That's it. I don't have that much "stuff". Of course, I made up for this by ordering as much "stuff" online as possible and having it shipped directly to the apartment.

This all went smoothly. Points of interest:

  • I accidentally defrosted my mini-fridge in my new closet. TIP: If a power strip is expected to provide electricity to items plugged into it, power strip must first be turned to "ON" position.
  • BACK INJURIES STINK. I believe I tweaked it on Friday while moving the TV, but the pain left in a matter of minutes and I continued the rest of the move uninterrupted. Bad idea. I've been having trouble putting on socks, sitting in chairs, etc. ever since. Sadly, socks and chairs are pivotal to my daily routine.
  • I _really_ like the desk & entertainment center that I purchased. control_group describes them thusly: The most notable thing about them, really, is that they look like they came straight out of the Sims. I picture them as being the second-best entertainment furniture available for purchase in the game, second only to the oak-and-marble Gomer Bolstrood system that turns out to be too large for the living area, necessitating its placement outside, where it takes up residence with pink flamingos and outdoor lamps and can exert its positive environment rating to counteract the rank misery being exuded by the garden, which has fallen into disrepair ever since the gardener drowned in your pool due to a freak ladder-vanishing incident. I couldn't have put it better if I tried.
  • THANK YOU to control_group for taking pity on me and helping me put the new furniture together. Actually, let's put it more directly: He dragged the boxes inside and put the things together, basically, by himself. Kudos.
  • THANK YOU to back2me for helping me with the TV. If the pinched nerve I surely have is a result of moving the TV _with_ help, I can only imagine what the result would have been had I moved it solo. I might have perished. If it saddens you that I didn't, blame her.
  • My new bed is HELLA COMFORTABLE and has AT LEAST 300 PILLOWS. Perfect.
  • I need to buy lightbulbs, napkins, dishwasher goo, a PC, and a charcoal grill. It appears as if my father will be getting us bar stools as a housewarming gift.

    As soon as control_group files, shelves, stores, jettisons, sets aflame, or otherwise takes care of his books (of which he has several), we shall most certainly have a gathering of some sort at this new place of residence. Keep in mind, however, that you will only be invited if you're not a jerk.
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