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What a glorious weekend!


Split early, as I did for much of last week due to an absent boss, then had some Noodles (tm) with Dad. back2me and I finally got around to watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was a pretty good flick. _guy_incognito, you were right. I would have really been annoyed with it if I had watched it when you and dewgirl did, however. BREWERS WIN.


After lunch with control_group and his AWESOME MOTHER, we signed the lease! Got the keys, and the garage door opener. The sometimes scatterbrained manager of the place says it'll be cleaned early this week, and we can start moving in. Also learned that our first month is free. Who knew? Got a bed at American, which will be shipped on Saturday. Also, ordered a Revenge of the Jedi poster, which might replace the Gashlycrumb Tinies as Above-The-Toilet-Art. Please note that the Tinies will probably be in the living room. Hit up the Waters with control_group, comkilserv, dragodonna, back2me, and pepper0282 (who has a few ideas for control_group about a bigscreen TV).


Maxine time! Brewers win! I probably did other things too, but am not sure what they were.
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