MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Notes of interest

Keep in mind that these might not actually be interesting.

  • Two UW teams in the Sweet 16! Awesome!
  • I picked 15 out of 16 on Thursday. Since, every team I picked has developed leprosy. Not good.
  • Apartment hunt going _really_ well. Awesome!
  • 6 month review was full of employer telling me how vital I was. SPECTACULAR!
  • Computer is still exploded. Will probably purchase new one. Net gain. Good. Ish.
  • It's not time for lunch yet. Rats.
  • My full package of benefits kicks in April 1! Hooray!
  • I will have to go to a doctor to get allergy meds. MINUS MINUS
  • Easter is this weekend. WTF? Already?
  • I should do my taxes or something. no soccer ball.
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