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it's a meme! run!

I've decided that I like this here "10 things you probably haven't done" meme. I also like chairtomorrow's take on it, wherein I will list 10 things that I have done WITH PEOPLE ON MY FLIST that you probably HAVE NOT DONE WITH THEM ALSO.

1. Woke up in a bed with chairtomorrow, wherein a paper plate describing us as "GAYS" was affixed to us by a caring friend.
2. Slept on Prairie Street in Whitewater, WI with control_group.
3. Barfed on khephra's shoes, also with control_group.
4. Played Dune for Sega Genesis while eating a giant bowl full of various Gummy products and listening to "Jar of Flies" by Alice in Chains, with a sleeping dylan41 on the couch, with comkilserv.
5. Watched The Price is Right every Tuesday and Thursday for an entire semester with pepper0282.
6. Attended a book discussion with Dr. Richard Haney, several dozen senior citizens, and andamaroo.
7. Cleaned an apartment with phearinc while listening to James Brown.
8. Have a shot of tequila with kingfox, then promptly ralph on his jacket.
9. Trip over N64 controller wires and fall directly onto _sterno_ upon meeting him for the first time.
10. Gone to The Huddle in Whitewater, WI for St. Patricks Day at 4 in the AM with _guy_incognito and attend UWW's "Celebration" that same evening with him.
11. Watched a UW Badger basketball game, discussing the origins of one Osita Nwachukwu, in the very last row of the old Fieldhouse with ohsochewy.
12. Gone to some weird ass concert in Green Bay with girlvixxen.
13. Played football on the grounds of an elementary school while attending a wedding reception with dr_rock.
14. Been offered a Gin & Milk by a girl named Cole with madolan.
15. Been hit by a firepoker wielded by adamgreeney.
16. Run down misbehaving teenagers with a gokart with emabema23.
17. Watched "This Old Cub" at Hilldale Theatres with a sleeping back2me.
18. Made smoochy faces while hungover at Alzu's in Victoria, Canada with asmoandrew.
19. Conquered the world with babingatron.
20. Sat atop a vehicle driven by orangepancakes.
21. Swiped The Grey Mule from the Hawkbowl in Whitewater, WI with frankiethethird.

If you didn't make the cut.. well, maybe you will. Or maybe you're BORING. Or, more likely, I'm having trouble thinking of things that are weird that I have done with you and you only.
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