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This should probably be in poll form, but whatever.

Look, I ordered an XBOX and it's been shipped. It's a package dealy, with a second controller and KOTOR 2. Question 1 is for those of you who have experience with KOTOR and KOTOR 2 (since graye is off in the boonies, I'm basically looking at kingfox, here, I think). Should I also purchase, and play, KOTOR? Or can I just jump into KOTOR 2? THANKS

Question 2 is for the football fans out there. I was watching the game last night and a little graphic popped up about how absolutely great Marc Bulger is at home and how much he sucks on the road (presumably, he's better on the road if the game is indoors, but I digress). Now, in such a situation, would it be wise to have a platoon QB system? Get yourself a second QB that's better suited to the out of doors for those games? I mean, if Green Bay's roster can hold two punters, certainly St. Louis can carry two starting QBs. There are probably other scenarios where this would work, too, but this jumped at me.
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