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hotbeatz has suggested that, since I do not buy albums anymore, I should present a top 10 singles/mp3 downloads for this year. If any of these are actually from a different year, feel free to tell me.

10. ? and the Mysterians - 96 Tears. Clearly, this is not from 2004. This track, however, is my favorite re-discovery of an ancient song that I downloaded this year. If anyone copies this, I urge them to have a Fr-DoaAStID/LTY song, too.

9. Hillary Duff - Come Clean. This is obviously a guilty pleasure song. I am embarrassed to include it, but I really sort of dig it.

8. Maroon5 - This Love. The only "modern rock band" that I care for. This is my favorite track, and was only enhanced by seeing it live.

7. Green Day - American Idiot. This is the first track of Green Day's that I've enjoyed since Brain Stew. It gets an added bonus for political content that I happen to agree with, mainly.

6. Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying. The only country song on this list. It's a sappy song, sure, but it's about Tim's dad, the infamous Tug McGraw. It would have been in the 20s somewhere if it wasn't for the sports tie-in.

5. OutKast - Roses. The album was last year, but this track was 2004, so I'm putting it on here. Jerks.

4. Velvet Revolver- Slither. Admittedly, I've liked every track that I've heard from this album, but this is the only one I've heard extensively. We all know what Axl is up to these days (plastic surgery, eating at burger king, getting hairstyle tips from Allen Iverson), but what are the DeLeo brothers up to? Does no one care?

3. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You. Easily my favorite soul artist of the last decade. This track is sappy, yeah, but I like it. Extra points for Method Man in the video.

2. U2 - Vertigo. If control_group and back2me are correct, this is nowhere near the best track on the album. I'll need to confirm that soon. Odds are, this list would have 6 or 7 U2 songs on it, if I'd only heard them yet.

1. Usher (feat. Ludacris, L'il John) - Yeah. SHUT UP.


when I get back, I fully expect that girlvixxen will be at my desk, ready to punch me in the face for not knowing what year the Monkees released their greatest hits album.
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