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Swiped from hotbeatz and madolan

Third person to do this today. Does that make it a meme, officially? If so, hotbeatz is a jerk for starting it.

Whoops, I accidentally didn't buy any albums this year. I think the last two purchases I made were Santana's "Supernatural" and the soundtrack to The Big Lebowski. That would have been, what, 4 years ago?


Among this year's albums that I've heard most of, the Velvet Revolver album that probably has a catchy name despite my inability to remember it, Jay-Z's Black Album, Beastie's 5 Boroughs, the soundtrack to Ray, and Maroon5's Songs for Jane would have to rank as my faves. Yes, I don't get out much. Yes, I haven't heard the entirety of U2's new album. Yes, I'm probably forgetting something important.
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