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Listen up, chooches and choochettes:

The fam is in Boston this weekend, see. I think you know what that means.

COME ONE COME ALL ON FRIDAY, ASSHOLES. I'll try and make a booze run before then, otherwise it's High Life all around. I'll let you know if that happens or not.


1. Front step area is broken. DO NOT USE FRONT DOOR EVER.

2. Anyone caught muttering the words "Bush", "Kerry", "Canada", "Republican", "Democrat", "Liberal", "Senate", "Congress", "President", or "I like me some Cherwin" will be taken out back and beaten.

3. control_group will be taken out back and beaten on general principle.

If I determine that insufficient amounts of people show up, I reserve the right to lock myself in the basement with a bottle of scotch.

EDIT: It seems that several people, including control_group, will be in absentia for potential frolicking. Now accepting nominations for Individual To Be Taken Out Back and Beaten On General Principle.

EDIT 2: I hate everyone except madolan.
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