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Perhaps this is old news, perhaps it's not. I know it'll be of interest, at the very least, to back2me and chairtomorrow.

A couple of my feeds have been acting up lately. One (davebarrycolumn) has actually not been acting at all. This morning, perusing my friends page, I found almost a dozen consecutive entries from this feed. I fulfilled by duty as a Dave Barry fan and read them before doing anything even vaguely work related.

The final entry, though, saddened me.

Read it here:

No Dave Barry columns for 2006 and, perhaps, no Dave Barry columns again PERIOD.

As I developed my own sense of humor, he was one of three major contributors, the others being Douglas Adams and pre-CBS David Letterman. I own almost all of his 25 books, including the novels. I even watched "his" TV show. I'm gonna miss this dude.
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