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7:24 I'm going to try to blog throughout the NY/Boston game. In my favor is the local radio, which is broadcasting PREP FUCKING FOOTBALL. So I'm stuck with FOX all game. And this silly laptop.

7:27 Paraphrasing a MasterCard commercial... "What would you give to see the Red Sox in the World Series?"


If you understand that reference, +2 for you.

7:52 First inning, First impressions: I wish my remote had an SAP button, as Spanish must be better than McCarver... Damon really looks like he's remembered how to play his style of game, sometime during the extra innings in Boston... Brown is not gonna go more than 3 innings tonight... Bellhorn didn't HAVE to move Damon over, Tim, Damon did it himself.. Bellhorn took 8 pitches, which will get the torched bullpen in there early... DON'T FUCKING CALL ME DURING THIS GAME, MARRIOTT... Dale Sveum is the next Wendell Kim... David Ortiz is the second hottest hitter left (Carlos Beltran)(and I wrote that before McCarver said it)...Jeter's "usual October thing" includes 33% of Yankee errors and a batting average hovering around .200, but they aren't saying THAT on TV...Yanks should try taking more pitches with a pitcher on three days rest... Lowe looks pretty sharp, though.

7:59 Bucky F. Dent threw out the first pitch?!?! Ehehehe. I wonder where Aaron F. Boone was. Or, hell, Babe F. Ruth. I hope that someday someone will hate me enough to give me that middle name.

8:09 Well, I was right about Kevin Brown. Am I also right about this: That was Moby making a cameo in an AOL ad? Yuck.

8:21 I can imagine that every die-hard Red Sox fan right now, behind a veil of ecstatic joy, is also worried about just how their beloved Crimson Hose can somehow blow a 6 run lead after two innings.

8:39 Praise your favorite neighborhood deity. I found the game on an alternate radio station. Those of you waiting for a rant about Scooter will not get it, as I managed to escape before he showed up.

8:48 Ruh-oh. You know when you have 2 ex-Brewers up in your bullpen (Mike Myers, Curtis Leskanic), you're in trouble.

8:54 The Yanks are gonna have an F. of their own, Johnny F. Damon. What a day for New England's resident second coming.

9:12 The bad thing about the radio? I can't rip FOX TV shows, FOX announcers, FOX lame graphics, FOX innovations, or FOX advertisers. Someone - likely, adamgreeney - should look into this.

9:29 Joe Morgan, who I disagree with from time to time, is right on the issue of instant replay in baseball. He says no, and he's right. Of course, I'm also against the wild card, interleague play, night games at Wrigley, seats on top of the Green Monster, Tal's Hill, FOX and everything they do, and, well, just about every new thing introduced since the DH.

9:40 Pedro Martinez doing his bullpen session, in preparation for what seems to be a very likely Game 1 start for the Sox. Francona doesn't seem to fear The Curse, or he'd save Pedro for a worst-case scenario. This means Boston will see Pedro in Fenway again, it seems, before he his potential departation via free agency in the offseason. One would think that Derek Lowe's two starts in this series have earned him a healthy payday on the same free agent market, probably from Baltimore or Detroit. Jason Varitek is another of Boston's many free agents, but it seems that he's the most likely to return, despite being a 30-something catcher.

9:58 I'm turning off the radio for god bless america. Don't mean to offend anyone, but this song has no place in the 7th inning stretch. MAYBE it did for the last few weeks of baseball after 9/11, but it sure doesn't now. It's bad for the pitchers, it's bad for baseball, it's bad for ME, and it's bad for America. That's enough of a rant for now.

10:02 I am STUNNED. Pedro is pitching. Francona obviously is scared SHITLESS of the curse, or this would not have happened. I have a very very very very very very very very very bad feeling about this. Aww, shit.

10:15 It wasn't the prettiest three outs, but it was three outs. They need 6 more, and Pedro won't be out there for more, I'd wager. Also, just heard Harrison Ford voicing a commercial for a charity organization, I think.. I can't recall him doing a commercial before.

10:23 Mark Bellhorn, loved by the Moneyball crowd and hated by the simpled minded (Dusty Baker and Clint Hurdle, in the past two years) hits his second post-season home run in as many games. Keep in mind that the Red Sox picked him up, basically, for FREE in the offseason. Great addition.

10:47 I wonder if I am disseminating the accounts of this game without the consent of the office of the commissioner of baseball. I wonder if I spelled disseminating right. In both cases, I could give two shits... 3 outs to go.

10:50 I remember very vividly a conversation I had with control_group very early into this baseball season. I had Taco Bell, he had just purchased a couple XBOX games. He claimed that it wasn't fair, that this version of the Yankees, this All-Star team with A-Rod, Brown, Lofton, Gordon, Quantrill, and Vazquez coming in to the already established powerhouse was just too much. I'm touching the money, here, with two outs to go, but control_group, you were wrong. Improbable as it is, you were wrong. I suggested the Red Sox might offer competition in the division, that Houston might offer a challenge in the World Series. I was arguing for the sake of argument, sure, but this Yankee team just didn't sit well with me. Defense, walks, and middle relief are very important, and this Yankee team posseses almost nothing in these three categories. I can only imagine what will happen in the offseason. I would not be surprised to see Steinbrenner not resign his GM (Brian Cashman), revamp his entire front office and coaching staff, bring in Richie Sexson, Carlos Beltran, Carl Pavano, and (what the hell, it's The Boss) Nomar Garciaparra to patrol second base. I think it's good for baseball that they're able to put teams like this together and still lose.

11:02 It's over. I have witnessed the greatest sports comeback in my life. Feel free to debate with me, I'll tell you why you're wrong. The list of Red Sox heroes for this serious is a near-impossible task, as nearly every player played an integral part over the course of the last 4 heart-stopping games. Today, though, it was unquestionably Johnny Damon and Derek Lowe. Kudos, Boston, you've toppled the supervillian. Let's see if you can now topple your own demons and win it all. PLAY BALL!

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