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"some semblance of a weekend update" or "control_group is a bag of jerks"

Friday: I don't remember Friday. It occurred sometime last month, if memory serves. It may or may not have been my sister's birthday.

Saturday: Drove to Racine for Great-Aunt-In-Law's 90th Bday. Much fun was had, much pasta and steak was had, much celebration for said GAIL and the MOTHER-GRABBING UW FOOTBALL BADGERS THAT TROUNCED THE #5 PURDUE BOILERMAKERS (HERETOFORE REFERRED TO AS THE CHEATING CHEATERS OF CHEAT) ON THEIR HOME TURF, THOSE SUCKERS. Phone calls were placed to control_group and pepper0282, to no avail. Phone call was placed to andamaroo, which was probably a mistake.

Sunday: The weekend of sport concluded with more excellent results. Triumphant were the Packers, the Red Sox, and the Old Dirty Bastards of fantasy football fame. Pasta and Alfredo sauce was ably prepared and eaten, an much Nerf Football Goodness was accomplished in the crisp autumn air.
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