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It seems that the time has come to root for the Braves and the Falcons (my super-backup-teams) because the Brewers eason has ended and the Packers season, for all intents and purposes, has ended as well.

I blame Mike Sherman, in both of these instances, because:

  • He didn't run Ahman Green after otherwordly QB Brett Favre had to leave with brain disease.
  • He left Doug Pederson in way too long. One pass from Craig Nall was enough to learn that he's the better QB.
  • He hired Bob Slowik, who has convinced me that he's a foreigner with a grasp on only one English word, "Blitz"
  • I really have no rational reason for Sherman causing the Brewers' lackluster second half, but it's not MY fault, so it must be his.

In other news:

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