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I think my spaceship knows which way to go

Warning: This post contains actual content. Who thought it to be possible?

Content the 1: Seems that Mother has put down a deposit (REFUNDABLE) on a condo somewhere on Mifflin St. with her b/f. I really have no idea what she's thinking, given that they break up just about as frequently as the sun rises. I can't imagine that less living space and less freedom will make it better. Not to mention that she hated not having a yard when she was in her apt. for 2 years, and that she is about to have her first grandchild living right around the corner.

(for those of you that think I might be a bit selfish about this, the place doesn't even break ground until December, meaning that it'd be another 8 months or so until they'd switch housing units. If I'm still living with them a full year from now, I will be crying every day.)

Content the 2: Bought Bill Cosby: Himself last night, which was released Tuesday. Completely by accident, also purchased Clueless, Half Baked, and Meet Joe Black. Went to Circuit City, because BS: H was a dollar cheaper there, and because it's fun to talk to pepper0282... but that slippery bastard wasn't there.

Content the 3: Die Wes Helms.
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