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The second 'W', in this case, refers to "weekend" instead of "week"

Friday night, after a moderately annoying day of work, we (back2me will be the other person that is "we" for this entire post) went to a fancypants Doctor party in Maple Bluff.

For those of you that don't know the area, Maple Bluff is a ritzy east-side neighborhood or municipality or foreign country or what have you, wherein every backyard has an 18-hole golf course, every window has a view of a lake or ocean, and every female is exactly 19 years old and tan. The highlight of this party was cute dogs, ham, and a sauced bartender.

"You don't want to see my rash?"


Saturday was spent watching movies. Grosse Point Blank on DVD because girl hadn't seen it yet, part of Matrix on TBS because the Brewers were sucking, and Pootie Tang (finally) on HBO.


Saturday night was spent driving, approximately, to Albuquerque.

Sunday was spent waking up and then going to a cookout at my sister (8.95 months pregnant, now, and due on FRIDAY) and her husband's house. Spicy food, tequilaey margarita, cute doggies.

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