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I love lamp.

hey, wow, this isn't a poll.

Friday, decided to go to the Union Terrace. Turnned into a rambling drunken buffoon upon returning home, due in large part to the fact that the damn brat stand was closed and I really didn't have dinner to go along with them bigass beers (thankfully, I was still in good shape with the co-workers). SO IF I ACTED LIKE A DUMMY ON FRIDAY NIGHT, WHOOPSIE. (this apology goes out to, at the very least, back2me, bemyselfandi, bzoppa, and emabema23)

saturday was pretty nondescript.

saw Anchorman and got a haircut on sunday. not completely sure which was better, because I really needed that haircut. The movie was actually quite good, though.

today, no boss and no chair = not working too much. yay.
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