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weekend update


my weekend lasted at LEAST 11 days so I'm gonna cut this

The weekend began on Friday, just before noon. back2me picked me up and we took in a free Pancake House breakfast (thanks, bro) just a few hours after comkilserv was there, I guess. comkilserv, what the crap were you doing up at 6:30?

After that, we drove to Sun Prairie to pick up a friend of hers and proceeded to Summerfest. The day was beautiful - various members of our party named back2me got the requisite sunburns - and wandering around the grounds catching free live music was great, the funnel cake dinner was better, and pointing out and making fun of weird-looking people was the best. kazac, you would have had a field day. If I started with specifics, this post would take 4 hours to write.. but let's just say that the girl that was wearing overalls and NOTHING ELSE didn't even crack the bottom 10 dressed list.

7 o'clock rolls around, and it's time for the big Maroon 5/John Mayer show. Normally, promoters put the best act last, right? This event, then, was clearly promoted by an chimpanzee (and a heroin-addicted one, at that) because the performers KEPT GETTING WORSE. The opening dude, a cat named DJ Logic, knew his shit for sure. His best spin, IMHO, was a helium-infected version of Busta's 'Dangerous' over Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust'. Wild stuff, there. Maroon 5 was pretty good, indeed, and the efforts of their frontman who probably has a name did not go unnoticed. Dude has a good voice, attitude, and stage presence. Oddly, the headliner (John Mayer) possessed exactly zero of these qualities, but at least his set went over by 30 minutes. We surely would have been unhappy if he ended on time! At least he instructed the audience to "Live it up, fuckers!"

After Summerfest, we decided it would be a good idea to sit in the parking lot and curse for 45 minutes, so that's what we did.

We returned triumphantly to Madison, but only to sleep. The rest of our weekend was spent with back2me's family, in Chippewa Falls.

You know, as it turns out, I think the pancake house visit was Friday, but you've probably stopped reading by know and I think I'll just leave it where it is. After all, I -am- dating the continuity editor.

Highlights of the Chippewa Falls trip included deep-fried Oreos at the Mall of America (NOTE: AUTHOR KNOWS MALL OF AMERICA IS NOT IN CHIPPEWA FALLS), a tour of the Leinenkugel's brewery complete with 2 free beers and the purchase of a keychain (oar logo) and lighter (it looks like a bottle of Honey Weiss, except smaller, and with lighter fluid instead of beer in it), and a cop car overheating and filling with steam on the side of the road.

Highlights did NOT include driving for 384392 hours, but the vacation sure did involve that much driving.

We returned to Madison and watched the Tour De France. Admittedly, "we" in this case pretty much means "me" unless "watching the Tour de France" means "doing the NY Times crossword puzzle."

If you read this whole thing, I'll give you a cookie. Provided I don't eat them first.
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