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It was a splendid weekend!

Friday, a gang from the office left early and hit the Union Terrace for jazz, beer, sun, popcorn.... and happened to witness a pier-wedding and a mooning of a Betty Lou cruise. Good times were had by all, except maybe the moon-ees.

Saturday was spent getting ready for a wedding, driving to a wedding, still driving to a wedding, not finding a wedding, digging dewgirl the most for helping us find a wedding, sitting through a wedding, watching weird catholic people do weird catholic things (crackers, heiling) at a wedding, trying to buy beer, trying to buy beer, buying beer, drinking beer, going to a wedding reception, drinking free high life at a wedding reception, and listening to control_group not stop talking.

CONGRATS TO melindahaus!!!

Sunday was spent hating control_group and his devil-spawn OPH that sucks and needs to be burned down or worse.

I guess there was an earthquake. I didn't feel it. You're all filthy liars out to get me. I'm on to you.
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