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back to school..

welp, here goes:

Wednesday: lots of boozing for $5. Watched Snatch beforehand, Ronin afterwards. Quality.

Thursday: Turkey Day, take 1. Watched the football on dad's new 36-inch TV w/ surround sound & DVD. WOW. His new house rocks, well, the house. Sister's new hubby stole the show at dinner with a fantastic gravy, and after dinner with a few turkeys of his own at the bowling alley. I, however, bowled LIKE a turkey. *sigh*

Friday: Slept in. Watched Monsters Inc. and some of the keen add-ons with Dad & Linda. Got loaded at Irish Waters/Blue Moon with Friend-For-Life Evan. Beers, whiskey, carbombs.. nice night. As it turns out, we got snow in Madison that night too.. and it was slippery on the way home.. yadda yadda yadda.. my tires are out of alignment.

Saturday: Turkey Day Pt. II. Not as lavish, just turkey & potatoes, basically. Quality, though.... and Drew stole the show with gravy, again. He's a great guy, and being one of the best chefs in the city can't hurt. GO SISTER! After dinner (and before apple pie, yay mom) went to see 8 mile w/ mom, sister, hubby. Still quality, and they liked it too. Then went over to Peppers to visit the new apartment.. good stuff. Played some timesplitters, made remarks about how he never gets laid, etc.


Monday: naps/classes/etc.

Today: stupid work garbageface.
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