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HELL of a game last night. Sheets didn't have the same stuff that he had against Atlanta in the 18 K game, but it was damn close.

Got a few nice breaks, and .. bingo bango .. near-perfect game. Would have been nice to give him a W, of course. It's rhetorical and redundant and cliche and all that rot, but WHERE THE HELL DID THE OFFENSE GO?

anyways, hi.

staying up until 2 on a worknight might be bad planning, for me. At least the AM was busy so I forgot to be tired. Of course, now EVERYONE is gone and I have nothing to do. My urge to pull a Costanza and sleep under the desk is rising.

Looking out the window, I really do hope the rains don't come until I can get home and make the house flood-proof. Be a bit of an annoyance to the family if they returned home from SF to find the house had floated a few blocks down the street.
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