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The Good:

I am lone ranger at work for the next 2 hours. This will result in excessive amounts of slacking, goofing off, and lack of productivity.

The Bad:

I have to answer the main phone line for the next 2 hours. This will result in me being annoyed.

The Ugly:

My lunch will be delayed by 2 hours. This will result in me being hungry.

uhh, friday was cool because I got to leave early, then proceeded to drink fun quantities of beer.

saturday was cool because I had bratfest brats, and back2me showed up.

sunday was cool because we went to see the brewcrew with phearinc and dylan41. This was cool despite the rainout of the tailgating portion, the crankiness of the ticket vendor, and the loss of the actual ballgame. Time spent in the radio booth meeting Jim Powell (who is quite friendly, very cool, ridiculously knowledgeable, and short as hell) was certainly a highlight. Also, nic_k joined us for lunch at the Charcoal Grill, and dinner at the Zoo (aka Chez nic_k and phearinc.

monday was cool because it was a holiday, there was Sweet Grilling Action, Sweet Bubba Ho-Tep Action, and Sweet Blue Mooning.

today sucks because it is today
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