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My to do list post of yesterday, which ended up receiving much acclaim and fanfare, did not come off perfectly.

1. The Best Buying. Return Miracle fullscreen, purchase widescreen. Also purchase Bubba Ho-Tep.

Portion one of this went smoothly, and took a grand total of less than 2 minutes. It was reported to me by Friendly Cashier Return Guy that 4 copies of Bubba Ho-Tep remained, and I ought get on my horse. Having no horse, I trotted to the DVD section, where the DVD staff was less than helpful. After perusing the Horror, New Release, Comedy, Action, Drama, and SciFi sections (in that order) (with Less Than Helpful DVD Guy in tow), we ambled to a computer only to find that while he was being less than helpful, the 4 copies had sold.

Best Buying finished, I proceeded to attempt Bordersing, Barnes and Noblesing, Shopkoing (it's next to B&N, so I figured what the hell) and Circuit Citying. Borders was sold out, and the rest didn't even have it in stock. The stores that did not even have the keen sense to ORDER COPIES OF A MOVIE THAT SEEMS TO HAVE A HIGH DEMAND are going on my Permanent List.

The movie was finally purchased at The Exclusive Company, which is going on another list entirely.

2. Watch Brewers.

This was partially accomplished. I missed the first inning because of #4 (see below) and caught innings 4-7 on the radio due to extreme depression, primarily due to Gary Bennett. I did choose - unwisely, as it turns out - to watch innings 8 and 9 due to Hope For Greatness. It never materialized.

3. Celebrate victory.

This never happened. I blame control_group and C Gary Bennett.

4. Watch DVD extras on aforementioned movies.

I actually started this BEFORE the game, and the quality (and quantity) of Bubba extras brought forth the missing of the first inning (see #2, above). I wrapped the Bubba extras afer the game, save the commentary tracks, which will be viewed at a non-specified time in the near future. This non-specified time will also be reserved for Miracle extras viewing.

5. Hi.

Hi went without a hitch.

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