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Meant to post about this earlier.

dylan41 and I are proposing a Sunday trip to Miller Park to watch the Brewers take on the Padres. It's during some damn '5 county weekend' ... check out for more on that if you're from the 5 county area.

If you're not - I have 2 for 1 tickets (up to 8 tickets total) AND have a fiddy dollar gift certificate I'd be willing to help people out with. Especially if they are willing to drive my drunk ass home.

Gametime is 1:05, so I'm thinking that tailgating would be a good idea. Not sure about when they open up the parking lots on weekends, but I think getting there somewhere around 11:00 would work out nicely.

In other news, my Celly McCellPhone is down for the count until mid-June. If you need to get ahold of me, just jump up and down until I notice you.
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