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weekend update! haha! duh.

well, hi

spent saturday as a loyal badger fan must, watching the football game in the morning and the basketball game in the evening. when you say wisconsin, you've said it all. quite the badger weekend, indeed.

the basketball game, in fact, was viewed by girl and myself at Damons (YAY) in janesville.

the good things about damons, outside of the badger game, included:

1. winning 4 rounds of trivia.
2. drinking newcastle.
3. hot wings!
4. tasty chicken panini sammich, complete with bacon & provolone.
5. a funny (albeit elederly) waitress.

the bad things about damons include:

1. they gave a prize (a free appetizer) to the winner of THE ONLY TRIVIA GAME NOT WON BY GIRL OR MYSELF. saps.

then, today (sunday) went like this:

wait for packers game; watch packers game; murder self in painful fashion

haven't finished the last bit just yet, obviously

goddamn tampa bay

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