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What's a pederass, Walter?

The time has come to welcome mr_bibbers into the LJ fray.

He is, at last check, well groomed and tall. That takes a whole lot of doing, people, and he ought to be congratulated for it as many times as possible.

The disclaimer here, of course, is that "last check" refers to the last time I saw him, which was at heidicron's going away party. Of course, this happened quite a long time ago, as heidicron has not only gone away (as the party suggests), but has been gone and has come back, and has actually BEEN back for quite some time.

Also, at such a gathering mr_bibbers was busy being DJ and getting drunk. And I was busy getting drunk and watching control_group try to score with heidicron... a pursuit which is completely not unlike being a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, except with less TV commentary and (slightly) less tobacco spitting.
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